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Philsoc Away Day

Philsoc Away Day, Sunday 22rd July 2018



Message from Peter Gibson, the event's organiser:

Our annual AwayDay at Pigotts Farm in Buckinghamshire will be on Sunday 22nd, from roughly 9.45 till 5.30. Being realistic, access has to be by car.

I am taking over from Frank Brierley as talks organiser this year. Past events have been flawless, so he has done a wonderful job for us.

Frank's parting gift was the suggestion that we have a day on Perception, which strikes me as an excellent topic we have never addressed before, at Pigotts or a Members' Weekend.

I am therefore inviting speakers on the topic of Perception. A speaker has a slot of one hour, consisting of about 40 mins talk (c.4000 words), and 20 mins discussion. A visit to https://oxfordphilsoc.org/AwayDay/2017.html will show you what happened last year.

A few points, to get you thinking:

  • Greeks on perception, particularly concerned with knowledge
  • Perception and empiricism
  • Perception and rationalism
  • Perception and idealism (e.g. in Kant and his interpreters)
  • Merleau-Ponty's notable book The Phemenology of Perception
  • Sense-data
  • Direct Realism and Adverbialism
  • Representative Realism
  • physiology and neuroscience of perception
  • blindsight
  • perception and consciousness
  • perception and causation
  • one of the sense modes: sight, hearing, sound, taste, smell
  • perception and reason, concepts, propositions
  • perception as foundational for knowledge
  • illusions, delusions, errors
  • relativism and perception
  • something I haven't thought of

As ever, Stanford Encyclopaedia has articles on many related areas. Howard Robinson's 'Perception' is a good survey, as are 'Perception' by Barry Maund, and Brian Rogers 'Perception: a very short introduction'. There's also 'Philosophy of Perception' by William Fish, and there is an Oxford Handbook on perception (for the ambitious).

If you are hesistant about giving a talk, please contact me. Could I ask for a brief sketch of your proposal by the last day of January? A more formal abstract will be required nearer the day.

I will hope to have four speakers, as last year.

Best wishes

Peter Gibson