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The Philosophical Society Review

The Review is a serious 'amateur' journal of philosophy which provides an opportunity for members to get their work into print. It is published annually and is distributed free to members. Past issues from 2003 onwards are also available electronically in the PDF format from the Review Archive.

Any member may submit work for consideration. New contributors are especially welcome. For those whose first language is not English, the Editor promises to offer every assistance.

If you are not sure whether your piece is of suitable standard or if you want to discuss your ideas, please do not hesitate to contact the editor.

You may submit up to 3 pieces per year.

You might consider writing:

  • Essays and articles. The limit is 4000 words, including footnotes and bibliography.
  • Reviews and analyses of books, radio and TV programmes, philosophy internet resources, and OUDCE or other courses.
  • Dialogues between members on philosophical issues.
  • Responses to pieces in previous Reviews.
  • Poems and cartoons with a philosophical theme.
  • Even better ideas that no one has thought of yet. The only criterion is that the material is philosophical in method.

The deadline for submission is 15th September. Early submission is much appreciated.

Writing your piece

The editorial team would greatly appreciate you using this template when writing your piece. You may use any font, page size, or margins. Please do not submit pdf documents.

The editorial team would greatly appreciate you using our standard format for referencing to avoid us having to edit conflicting layout rules into one document – which is a nightmare! Instructions for referencing and some examples are available from Referencing Examples.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE FOOTNOTE OR ENDNOTE FUNCTION IN WORD. If a note is required, use the superscript function1 or a number in parentheses (1) in the text and then manually add the note before the references at the end of your piece. Notes should be reserved for clarifications and not used for referencing your sources.

At the end of your piece, provide a list of the source materials you have cited in alphabetical order by author’s surname. Please check that your reference details do actually allow a reader to locate your source. We recommend you check by putting your reference details into an internet search engine (such as Google).

Diagrams are permissible providing they are your own work or are public domain or you have the necessary copyright permission. Please supply these as jpgs, pngs, jifs, or tiffs in a separate folder as well as in your text.

If you are not sure whether your piece is of suitable standard or if you want to discuss your ideas, please do not hesitate to contact the editor.

Submitting your piece

Submissions should be sent (preferably in .doc format) to the Editor with your contact details (email address and telephone number). Please write ‘Submission for Review’ in the subject header of your email and label your document file with your surname and the title of your piece (abbreviated if necessary) eg: Rahman.OnGood.

The Editor will confirm receipt within 2 weeks. If you do not receive a confirmation within 2 weeks, please check you are using the correct email address and re-send your submission.

Please note that arrangements for Chadwick Prize entries are different – see the Chadwick Prize page. The winner and runner-up will be published in the Review, and other entries may be. The Review Editor will contact authors of Chadwick Prize entries if, and only if, their essay is selected for publication. Please do not send the editor essays entered for the Chadwick Prize.