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A Members' Day or Weekend is held once a year at Rewley House, Oxford and the speakers are Society members. These events are open to everybody, but members have the advantage of a reduced fee. The Members' Day/Weekend Archive page gives access to recordings and other materials of past Members' Days and Weekends.

Call for Papers

What Do We Do When We Do Philosophy?

Members' Weekend 2024, 14-15 September 2024

The Oxford Philosophical Society is delighted to announce the call for papers for the upcoming Member's Weekend 2024 on the theme of metaphilosophy, entitled "What Do We Do When We Do Philosophy?". We aim to explore the fundamental nature of philosophical enquiry, delving into its purposes, methodologies, and implications - and perhaps even asking whether we should just accept that this is an impossible hope? The focus of the weekend extends to the role of philosophy in the public square and its contribution to the common good. Some of the key themes that may be covered include:

The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry
Exploring if there are essential characteristics of philosophical thought and practice.

Philosophy in the Public Square
Examining the interaction between philosophy, public discourse, policy, and societal change.

Philosophy and the Common Good
Investigating how philosophical ideas contribute to the understanding and promotion of the common good.

Historical Perspectives
Analysing historical viewpoints on the role and nature of philosophy and how they change over time.

Practical Philosophy, including Philosophy as a Way of Life
Discussing the practical applications of philosophical ideas and theories.

Scientific and Philosophical Intersections
Exploring the dialogue between philosophy and the sciences, including the impact of scientific discoveries on philosophical thought and vice versa.

Submission Guidelines

We invite philosophers and practitioners from various backgrounds to submit abstracts that reflect diverse perspectives, including historical, practical, and scientific viewpoints on the above key themes. Submissions should strive to be accessible to a non-specialist philosophically-inclined audience.

Abstract Length: 200-300 words, plus two or three sentences on your academic or professional profile
Submission Deadline: 30 April 2024
Acceptance Notifications: 30 May 2024
Submission Format: E-mail to Edgar.ter.Danielyan@oxfordphilsoc.org