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Welcome to the Philosophical Society's Web Site

The Philosophical Society is a community of enthusiastic amateur philosophers. Although it includes amongst its members academics and professionals from various fields of activity, as well as people who do hold academic qualifications in philosophy, the Society is not an academic research organisation. Its purpose is to advise and encourage anyone who has an interest in philosophy, and to help students who attend classes in philosophy organised by OUDCE (Oxford University Department for Continuing Education).

The Society was founded in 1973 by Dr Tony Chadwick, Staff Tutor in Philosophy at the Oxford University Department for External Studies, the predecessor of OUDCE. It currently has 361 members, a number of them from outside the UK, and is based at Rewley House, Oxford. The running of the Society is in the hands of a committee (elected annually by members at a General Meeting) which determines policy and advises the President. The current President is Dr Stephen Law, the OUDCE Director of Studies in Philosophy.

Please do take a look at the many activities we engage in.

Recent Announcements

Last updated: 20 September 2023.

  • From past archives: Society's history
    Two new pages have been added to the website, both linked above from this home page. One describes the beginnings of the Society, while the other is an obituary of the Society's founder.
  • Members' Weekend 2023 (16-17 September) booking now closed
  • Members’ Weekend: change of programme:
    Greg Gauthier has unfortunately had to drop out, and his place will be taken by Bob Stone, who will talk on ‘The individual as a moral subject’. Please see the event's page for updated programme details.
  • Philsoc Friday Discussion Group
    The group's 2023 programme is now available on this website. Please see the Friday Group menu entry on the left or access the page directly.
  • Away Day 2023 (18 November) booking now open
    Please see the event's page for the programme and for a link to the booking form.